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Hello blogging, we meet again.

What the duck?

What can I say, I missed the blogiverse. (Does anyone call it that anymore?)

The world of blogging has changed tremendously since I wrote my last post in 2017 on Speaking Denglish, my former corner of the internet. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit afraid re-entering this world; it was once so familiar, but now it feels completely foreign.

For those of you who are wondering, "what's the big deal? It's just writing." I am here to tell you it is much more than writing and clicking publish. Blogging begins first with an idea, then carefully putting that idea into words. Every post then requires requires creating visuals, proofreading and editing, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and reader engagement. Not to mention the whole building a brand and maintaining a website thing. I realize I don't have to do any of this, but even if it were just writing, writing is difficult. It's a delicate form of expression: formulating your thoughts and breaking them down for your readers to digest, choosing the right words, trying to appear semi-intelligent, and hoping you don't overlook any basic grammatical mistakes.

This is all underlined, bolded, capitalized, and highlighted by the social judgment that comes with putting your ideas out there for the entire world to read. Blogging is vulnerable. There are entire internet forums dedicated to ripping apart bloggers and influencers, but you don't need to seek out these forums to know what I mean. Read the comments section of any popular Instagram account and it wont take long to see how unguarded content creators are from the ruthless people hiding behind their devices.

So why am I back here? I am not trying to be an influencer or do this for a living, although the potential for income on the side is attractive. I am blogging again because in my day-to-day, I missed the learning curve and creative outlet that comes with blogging: writing, web design, photography, SEO and digital marketing. Most importantly I missed the community.

I definitely have my concerns, which is why I deleted my blog Speaking Denglish in the first place. What if my colleagues find it? What will they think? How do I share my life, while protecting the privacy of those in it? How will I handle it if something goes viral enough to attract the trolls? I guess only time will tell, but like many who do it, I think we keep doing it because the community and connections overpower the negativity.

What will you blog about?

If I had to categorize this blog, I imagine I would put it in the "lifestyle" bundle because well, it is about my life:

My life as an American living in Germany.

My travels.

My cooking.

My home.

My life hacks.

My job. Ok probably not, but let's see.

While I was pretty stupid deleting my old blog (seriously, don't do that), I at least had the foresight to back up my old posts, so I might even dust off and polish some legacy content here as well.

When you get in a blogging rut, you sometimes feel like you have nothing worth sharing. But if I have learned anything so far, I have something to share.

Let's see who is here to listen.

Why Duck Creek Street?

Duck Creek Street (DCS) is a reference to home, inspired by my fiancé, who loves himself a good literal german-english translation. IRL I love to play hostess and you are Iimited you in to my Internet home. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here.

If you don't, please quietly let yourself out.



Crystal O'Neal Suraeva
Crystal O'Neal Suraeva
Dec 22, 2020

I found your blog in 2012 when I was considering Au Paring in Munich, and your blog 100%, I'm not even kidding, convinced me to make the leap of faith. SO glad I did, it was the best experience of my life. So happy you're blogging again, I loved following along and I feel like I owe you so much!

Duck Creek Street
Duck Creek Street
Dec 22, 2020
Replying to

I am at a loss for words, thank you so much Crystal! I don't think I could have dreamed up a better first comment returning back to blogging. This is exactly why I am back and while those days seem long gone, I hope I can still help inspire somehow 🙂

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I'm Alex, a Texan now at home in Munich, Germany.


In real life, I love to host, so I created a little home on the Internet to host everyone. Welcome, I hope you enjoy you stay here on Duck Creek Street!

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