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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

And just like Maria von Trapp, I wouldn't steer you wrong. Consider this is my always up-to-date list of my favorite products and services on the market.

This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

Notion DCS Favorites

I have always loved testing productivity tools, but somehow they all fell short, unable to encompass my various needs. That was until I discovered Notion. I have been using it a couple of years now and it addresses all of my brain dump needs. If you are a productivity enthusiast like myself, you HAVE to give it a try.

Sage Bambino Plus Espresso at Home DCS Favorites

We recently (had to) upgraded our espresso machine and after loving our previous Sage, we went with them again - this time with the Bambino Plus. This is a more compact machine, but still packs a punch and I am LOVING the automatic milk frother - saves me the frustration of my inconsistent barista skills.

Peleton Classes DCS Favorites

Peleton is my postpartum bestie. There is such a range of classes and I can always fall back on the Taylor Swift Red collection when my motivation is at an all-time low. While I do have the full package with the bike, my class split is 50-50 between bike and others like strength, stretching, and yoga. Even if I only do 10 minutes, it's something I can feel good about as a new mom.

Ooni Koda 12 DCS Favorites

We always love making homemade pizza, but our oven just wasn't quite getting us where we were aiming. We finally bit the bullet on the Ooni, and while there is a learning curve, we are already loving pizza nights with friends and know we will enjoy it for years to come with the boys.

Drip Brew Jar DCS Favorites

On hot summer days, I just love a drink on ice and my morning coffee on ice is as good as it gets. Cold brew is absurdly expensive to get at your favorite coffee shop, but shockingly easy to make at home - so easy that you only need a jar, a filter, and coffee grinds. After using the last few years, I cannot recommend this device enough.

Tonys Chocolonely DCS Favorites

I always called in Tony's "Chocolony" until I had to type it out here, but anyway these bars are the BOMB. I haven't had a bad one but the orange and purple are personal favorites. If I am honest, it's an addiction that I need to monitor closely.

Meater Plus Smart Thermometer DCS Favorites

I bought this for Markus for Christmas, but it was really one of those gifts I bought for my own benefit. We spatchcock and roast a chicken weekly and this really elevated our cooking experience. Takes the worry out of cooking any meat, and everything we have used it with turned out perfect!

NordVPN DCS Favorites

Can you really live abroad without a VPN? With Nord, you can surf and watch like you are back in your home country. I pair it with my mom's DirecTV account and AirPlay to our TV and it is just like watching live TV back in the USA. It also works perfectly for streaming services like Hulu, too.

Frozen Margarita in a Bag DCS Favorites

Lt. Blender's Skinny Margaritas are always packed in my suitcase on a trip back from the USA. If you love frozen margaritas like we do, this is the easiest way to get the taste outside of Texas. Just adds tequila and orange liqueur, shake, toss in the freezer, and you're ready to rock. The perfect antidote for any homesick Texan. This was 100% my first beverage after pregnancy.

dagne dover diaper backpack DCS Favorites

We use this Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack every day. It is packed with everything Max and I need and is the perfect size for being out for the day. It attaches perfectly too any stroller or suitcase.

Favorite Lululemon Pants DCS Favorites

If these pants are wrong, I don't want to be right. Or, if they aren't work appropriate, I can't go back to the office. I have lived in these since the pandemic begun, thus why I now own four pairs and don't remember what actual trousers feel like.

Besbelle Halo Stud Earrings DCS Favorites

I bought these for my wedding and have worn them every day since. They are simply beautiful, everyone thinks they are real, and they don't bother my sensitive skin.

(Transfer) Wise DCS Favorites

If you have ever tried to transfer money between countries, you know it is scary and expensive. Wise (formerly TransferWise) solves both of those problems and I can't recommend it enough.

Loopy Case DCS Favorites

My best friend had a Loopy case one time when I went home to the States and I knew I had to have one. PopSockets just don't do it for me, but somehow this loop does.

Mackage Harlowe Coat DCS Favorites

I searched long and hard for a winter coat. As a Texan, I knew I had to turn to a country that knows how to do winter: Canada. After scouring top Canadian brands I landed on Mackage. They have beautiful options without logos obnoxiously plastered on them. Mackage will keep you warm in any conditions, but also at the price they should (€1090).

Haribo Melons DCS Favorites

I first had these on a trip to Tuscany in fall 2020 and have crave them regularly since. There is no better Haribo gummy and I am ready to fight you on this. They're better than the Sour Patch watermelons.

Espolon Tequila DCS Favorites

The tequila selection in Germany is limited, so I turned to Amazon and found this gem. For less than €30 bucks, you are getting a solid tequila that will knock your socks off the night off, but won't knock you out the next day.

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