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Meet Alex.

Hello! I am Alex Katte, an American living in Germany for 12 years, and this is not my first blog. 

I began blogging in my 20s during because it was highly encouraged by my public relations professor. It always felt forced (like everything teachers and parents recommend to you when you're young) and I never felt like I had something worth sharing --- until I moved to Germany in 2011. I began writing regularly as a creative outlet on my former blog, 'Speaking Denglish', where I shared my life as a Texan in Germany. Eventually life got in the way and I took a hiatus from blogging. As the hiatus lengthened, I could not justify paying hosting fees any longer and I cut the cord on my blog... and I felt like a little piece of me had been missing ever since.

During this "life got in the way" period, a lot changed: I completed my masters degree, I began a corporate career in product management, I turned 30, I married a german, we moved to the 'burbs, we had two baby boys... you get the gist. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is me craving this creative outlet. 

Living abroad is exciting, but is definitely not the always the fairytale content creators so depict. Choosing a life abroad is often harder than one in your home country. It is a different culture and language. You are far away from your family and friends. Simple tasks in your homeland, like getting a haircut, can feel insurmountable abroad. My initial plan to spend one year as an au pair in Germany evolved into a full on life overseas. I am no longer gallivanting across the European continent and instead taking the train to work and navigating pediatrician appointments in german. Yet somehow the latter can be just as interesting, so here I am to share all sides of life abroad: my learnings, experiences, and adventures, in the hope that it helps, or at least entertains, someone out there.

Duck Creek Street (DCS) is a reference to home, inspired by my husband, who loves himself a literal german-english translation. IRL I love to play hostess, so this is my little home to play hostess on the Internet.

Welcome to Duck Creek Street. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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