Meet Alex.

Hello! I am Alex, and this is not my first blog. 

I began blogging in my 20s during because it was highly encouraged by my PR professor at the time. It always felt forced (like everything teachers and parents recommend you when you're young) and I never felt like I had something worth sharing until I moved to Germany in 2011. I began writing regularly on Speaking Denglish as a creative outlet share my life as a Texan in Germany. Eventually life got in the way and I took a hiatus from blogging. As the hiatus lengthened and I was tired of paying hosting and I cut the cord and unplugged my blog... and I have felt like a little piece of me has been missing ever since.


A lot has changed, e.g. I am now in my 30s, but having something to share and craving this creative outlet has not.

Duck Creek Street (DCS) is a reference to home, inspired by my fiancé, who loves himself a literal german-english translation. IRL I love to play hostess and this is my little home to play hostess on the Internet.

Welcome to Duck Creek Street. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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